5 Web Development Blogs You Should Follow

1. Tutorialzine

Tutorialzine is programming tuts provider website. There are manu tutorials from PHP, Javascript to Nodejs. All articles are meticulously cared. Sometimes, there are many useful free tutorials for Designer and Web Developer. Updates speed is quite late, but quality is peerless.


2. not only provides articles for Development but also Design, and the quality is great. All articles areare meticulously cared and very easy to understand (if you can understand English).


3. SitePoint

This Website is appropriate for everyone whether you are a Designer or Developer. But for Developer it’s particularly useful. And all articles are meticulously cared and high quality.


4. David Walsh

If you want to become a professional Web Developer, you should follow David Walsh’s blog – a famous Developer. He is providing high quality programming tuts and helpful tips.


5. Code Tuts+

Tuts+ is online courses provides website. However, free course of Tut+ is should watch. If possible, please pay a fee ($ 15 month to the lowest package), to experience the excellent quality of teaching.



In this article I only sum the specialized pages on Development, which i alway follow. There are also many other sites are also very useful, but they do not have regular follow-up. Enjoy.

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